AIDM (Associazione Italiana Donne Medico) is proud to host the Southern European regional MWIA
in the beautiful city of Palermo.
The title of the conference: « Multidisciplinary Approach to Chronic Illness and Gender Differences » is
a topic of great relevance that involves physicians from various medical disciplines.
An integrated approach to chronic diseases cannot ignore gender differences: the impacts of implicit
health determinants are different for men and women as well as different behaviors and risk
factors. Women live longer than men but they experience more chronic disease, higher stress,
more depression, more anxiety and are more likely to be victims of violence.
In this context, it is important to identify what are the gender differences in prevention, diagnosis
and therapy for « Earning Health », improving the Quality of Life and getting to Wellness, both at Individual
and Social Level.
Come and join us to the AIDM and MWIA meeting!!

Dr. Caterina Ermio
AIDM National President

Dr. Antonella Vezzani
MWIA Vice President Southern Europe

Dr. Laura Lanza
MWIA Italian National Coordinator


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